• Gift option was deactivated if a friend or Adventure / Expedition was visited
  • The Quest "Once and for all" was fixed
  • The Quest "Death to the leaders" won’t get stuck in quest book anymore
  • The Explorer skill “Mistwalker” was fixed
  • Tower camps on adventures have an attack zone again
  • When moving a Transporter General, the preview is now displayed correct
  • The Quest "Task from the king" is now working as intended
  • The mail window could freeze when setting mails to read or unread
  • Quests won’t reappear in the quest book any longer
  • Christmas Event was completely removed from the test system

  • The Barracks menu was improved:

    Unit production

    Stack slider:
    The amount of stacks to be produced can now be adjusted

    Production time:
    The time of the current unit production is shown
    (also with a tool tip which shows the production time of single stacks).

    Resource costs:
    On top the costs per unit is shown.
    On the bottom the needed resources of the current unit amount selection is displayed.
    If the required amount of resources is met, a tool tip displays the costs of a complete stack according to the selection.

    Each unit has a description. It provides a brief sentence about that particular unit's
    (dis-)advantages. A tool tip shows all details.

  • Improvements for the Provision House menu:

    Production Queue

    Cancel production: Each stack can be cancelled by clicking on a cross. Resources will be refunded.

    Move up/down:
    The order of stacks to be produced can be adjusted (like the building queue list).
    Once the production of a specific stack started, it cannot be moved.

    Instant complete:
    The first stack will have a button that instantly finishes the current production
    of this particular stack (with Gems).

    A number on a buff icon indicates how many buffs of that kind are currently in production.
    If there is no ongoing production, no number will be displayed.