Test-server info - August 18,2014


• All players will get a golem spawned on the island in the center lake but ONLY players of level 19 and higher can interact with them.
• Golems are no longer a server wide event.
• Each incarnation will be tougher to beat but promises better rewards for beating them.
• There will be 3 types of Golems depending on the player range, Each type will be destroyed by using a particular buff.

• FISH FARM: Produces fish without the need of a deposit.
• Improved storehouse: A special storehouse that provides 3x more space for resources than a standard one.
• Village School: Speeds up the process of attracting new settlers to your village.
• Silo: Refills wheat fields over time.
• Pumpkin Field: Fields which produces pumpkins. You can buff these Fields in order to increase the output.

• We have 2 new buffs "Trick" and "Treat" which playes the same role as the "Darkness" and "Light" buffs.
• We have 2 new buffs "Banshee scream" and "Werewolf howl" which can increase the pumpkin farm production.
• Zombie: Boosts the production of a workyard up to 400%.
• Mr. Myers: Boosts the recruitment speed of Barracks up to 400%.
• Frank and Stein: Adds 1000 Marble units to the marble deposit.

• Grout: You will be able to buy Grout for pumpkins and you will be able to upgrade 2 extra buildings: Mill and Baker
• Grim Reaper General: This special general has the same stats as the Battle Hardened General.
• Halloween Mystery box: A mystery box which will reward 1 random item.
• Omniseed: You will be able to buy Omniseeds for pumpkins.
• A few decorations will be put into the shop which include ruins and destroyed walls.

• Eliot, the Pumpkin Master: He will assign you several quests.
• Collectible Pumpkins: During the Halloween event, Collectible Pumpkins can appear on your home island.
• Zombies: Animals on your home island will be replaced with zombies.
• Music: The background track will be changed during the Halloween event.
• Graphics: Several graphics will be modified, including the logo and loading screen.

Account wipe: Account wipe/reset did NOT take place

Happy Testing